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A Love Affair with the 1851 Navy Revolver

            Over the course of my life I’ve been told by a couple of women that I have commitment issues. I have to disagree. In the right relationship I... Read more

Reloading .45-70 with Triple 7

            I prefer real black powder over any of the substitutes, but I realize that in some parts of the country the real thing can be hard to find.... Read more

Spencer Rifle

The Spencer rifle was the most successful repeating arm of the Civil War. The Union army bought over 200,000 Spencers in both rifle and carbine configurations. But, ironically the... Read more

Uberti’s 1862 Police Model Revolver

In this article we’ll take a look at Uberti’s .36 caliber, Model 1862 Police Revolver Colt’s 1862 Police revolver was the last handgun designed under Samuel Colt’s personal direction.... Read more

Cap & Ball Revolvers for Self-Defense

One of the most common questions I get, is which cap and ball revolver should I carry for self-defense? And, for many years, my answer was “None of them.”... Read more

Lever Action Rifles for Self-Defense

These days, modern sporting rifles, like the AR15, are everybody’s darlings, and why not? They are light, ergonomic, fast shooting, and they generally fire a round that Uncle Sam... Read more