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Reload Black Powder .45 Colt Cartridges

The pictures above are my column on reloading the .45 Colt cartridge with black powder. Read more

Flintlock swivel breech rifle
Long Range Flintlock Shooting – 250-yard shooting video

I’ve always been interested in re-creating the long-range shooting accomplishments of America’s Revolutionary war era riflemen, and this year’s Historic Camp at Springbrook gave me the opportunity to shoot... Read more

Measuring black powder
Measuring Black Powder Loads

Measuring Black Powder Loads Black powder loads are expressed in a measurement called grains. Grains are a unit of weight, but black powder is loaded by volume. This is... Read more

Dixie Gun Works Lemat Revolver

The LeMat revolver was the brainchild of a New Orleans doctor named Jean Alexandre Francois LeMat. Dr. LeMat developed his revolver design in 1856, and he dreamed of selling... Read more

A Love Affair with the 1851 Navy Revolver

            Over the course of my life I’ve been told by a couple of women that I have commitment issues. I have to disagree. In the right relationship I... Read more

Bucks County Flintlock Rifle Build Article

I grew up watching Fess Parker play Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone on television. Those programs started my life long interest in frontier history, they also made me want... Read more