Powder Horn Give-away

  • AUTHOR: mike
  • July 16, 2020
Powder Horn Give-away

I’ll be giving away the powder horn that I made for this “American Frontiersman” magazine article.

If you want a chance in the random drawing, to be held on August 10th 2020, just add a comment to this post that says, “Horn please”.

Good luck


399 thoughts on “Powder Horn Give-away”

  1. Been watching your videos and buying calendars and enjoying and commenting on your videos for years Mike. Best to you. Oh, horn please. 🙂

    1. I don’t think those were ASM Navies. ASM hammers were properly shaped. From your description, I think you had Armi San Paolo made Navy revolvers. I have one of those myself, bought from Dixie around 1990. I replaced the weird ASP hammer with one from Pietta.

    1. You have built a great site. I just watched your successful 250 yard Flintlock shot(S)! May I have the horn please?

    1. Every day I look at your site to see if you have posted another video, I think there great! Keep up the good work it’s great.

  2. “Horn Please” Hoping to get a smoothbore flintlock this fall. My 19 year old son is now interested in black powder for himself.

  3. Horn me…..wait that just sounds wrong….lol

    Can’t wait for your sword videos. Always love your content been watching your videos for years!!

  4. Horn please. I’ve tried to make a couple of horns, and quite honestly, I suck at it. I’m pretty sure there is some cow in bovine heaven who looks down in horror thinking “that’s the best he could do with that?”

  5. Horn Please,
    Mr. Mike,
    I would be proud to carry your horn while hunting with black power, and attending frontier events.

    1. Been watching your videos for years now. I was getting into black powder in 2016 when I was deployed overseas in the Army and bought a Pietta 1851 Navy as soon as i got back. Now I have two black powder revolvers and inherited a original Hawkins plains rifle from my uncle and been loving every second of shooting black powder. Would you beable to do a Pietta vs Uberti vs Armi San Marco on quality/historical accuracy of firearms? Oh yeah, Horn Please 🙂

  6. Bitte ich wünsche mir dieses Pulverhorn so sehr.
    >>HORN PLEASE!<<
    I am an old man with a white beard, longer than your beard and I am Austrian, I speak German and English, also a little French.
    👍 excellent, thank you!
    Best wishes from Lower Austria!

  7. How do I read the article? It keeps flipping back and forth between the two pages, and it is not in the “magazine articles” section.

  8. Horn please !

    On another note… Mike I’m having a real hard time finding real black powder. I live in South Carolina and no one down hear wants to carry it.
    Do you have any suggestions as to where I can find some Goex triple x or even 2 x.
    Thanks for all your vids, they really keep me going. I also love the sword vids. Steve Roush

    1. These days I order my Black Powder from Graf & Sons on-line. Buffalo Arms also ships B-P There is a hazmat charge, so it makes sense to order a lot. I generally order between 10 and 25 pounds at a time.

  9. Horn please!!

    I am actually happy to find out about this as i didn’t know you had a website! I grew up with your videos and because of them i have always wanted a BP revolver, in particular a 1851 Navy. Well soon i might be lucky enough to the opportunity to pick one up. As well as hopefully a 1849 .31 caliber Pocket revolver and a 1862 .36 caliber pocket navy soon after. These are very addicting! Now to find a good rife to pair them with!

    I think my eyes might be bigger than my wallet!

  10. Horn please. Though I dont yet own a horn and would love to have it from YOU, what I would probably do is is continue the design, enjoy it, and re-give it away sometime for the next person to continue the journey. Or do nothing and enjoy its use it as a good remembrance. Ive seen some exquisite decorations in the past but feel more strongly about those that were entirely personalized by the shooter because they tell a story. In any case Im enjoying the article for new knowledge and wish you stay safe during the virus.

  11. Horn please

    I’d love to have a powder horn made by Mike Beliveau. I’ve followed you on Facebook for some time now, Mike, and gave learned a lot. Thank you!

  12. I am a reenactor in Germany. I representate a minutemen in the 14th. albany county militia. So, i know i will very proud to got those Horn.

  13. Hi Mike,

    I look forward to your YouTube videos on blackpowder shooting. I find them entertaining and informative, especially when reviewing flintlock rifles.

    I would like to see a video on splitting a ball on an axe to break clay targets. I find this to be the most challenging shoot, especially with a flintlock rifle.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your powder horn.


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