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  1. Just wanted to say Hi ,I didnt realize your are fellow Pennsylvanian thats cool I live and work in York county

      1. I was on business about 20 years ago and went out of my way to go to the Hall of Fame at York Barbell. York was what I wanted as a kid, my folks could only get me Sears brand.

  2. Good day Mike.
    Who does your wardrobe?
    Particularly interested in the outfit you wore in your review of the Russian Top-Break .44

    1. There were several evolutionar iterations before the NMA in 1863. The differences can be subtle like exposed vs covered barrel threads, slightly different hammer shape, slightly different loading levers, slightly different grip angles.

  3. I think that black powder shooting and shooters would benefit greatly from a monthly ezine. Many times I find a new gadget and think how cool, then I find that it is only new to me. Evidently Swedish and Polish cappers have been out for some time, but no word until your review. I had hoped Guns of the Old West would have been that source of information, but it was not to be? Also a book cataloging manufacturers manufacturer’s importers would be helpful, I know a massive undertaking but one that needs doing, information is being lost each year. Maybe a 3 or 4 person collaboration.

    1. I hear you. Maybe someone will take that up, but it won”t be me. I’m in my mid-60s, and the YouTube channel and occasional magazine articles keep me busy enough.

  4. Hi Mike, great swivel rifle videos! You’ve got me scheming to get my own in the future. I wanted to ask where you got your wrought iron rifle stand that you use in your primitive camp setup.

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