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snapshot of McCollough Colt article

The Cimarron McCollough Colt

When the state of Texas seceded from the United States in February 1861, it was a time of both celebration ...
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Snapshot of Shawn Webster artisan profile

Shawn Webster- Quillworker Extraordinaire

A lot of people think of beadwork as being the quintessential native American decorative art, but, long before Europeans brought ...
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snapshot of parched corn article

Parching Corn

When the first European settlers arrived as colonists in my old stomping grounds along the New England coast, they nearly ...
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Flintlock swivel breech rifle

Long Range Flintlock Shooting – 250-yard shooting video

I've always been interested in re-creating the long-range shooting accomplishments of America's Revolutionary war era riflemen, and this year's Historic ...
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100 yard vs 200 yard sight picture

Long Range Flintlock Shooting – Companion Video

Flintlock rifles are capable of excellent long range accuracy, But, achieving long range hits with a flintlock is more challenging ...
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Picture of the published magazine article

Long Range Flintlock Shooting

I got interested in long-range flintlock shooting in a roundabout way. Nearly 20 years ago, while I was researching an ...
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A view of what the published magazine article looked like

Dixie Gun Works Lemat Revolver

The Civil War was the watershed event of the nineteenth century. The antebellum world was different in so many ways ...
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a look at what the 1851 column looked like in the magazine

A Love Affair with the 1851 Navy Revolver

            Over the course of my life I’ve been told by a couple of women that I have commitment issues ...
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A view of the printed article

Reloading .45-70 with Triple 7

            I prefer real black powder over any of the substitutes, but I realize that in some parts of the ...
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A view of the article as it looked in the magazine.

Bucks County Flintlock Rifle Build Article

I grew up watching Fess Parker play Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone on television. Those programs started my life long ...
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