Flintlock Firearms Playlist

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  1. Armies of the world that had rifle companies often used leather to patch the balls. The British experimented with pig skin in the Baker rifle used by the famous 95th. And the US rifles using the Harpers Ferry and the “Common” rifle used “bladder”. Lube was bees wax. The patch was tied or sewed around the ball. Some units carried the pre patched rounds in a separate pouch or it was stuffed in paper cartridges. It looks like some countries switched to ticking or fustian. Evidently leather wasn’t too successful.

  2. The Bess is a favorite. I have an original India Pattern and a repro made from parts from BLACKLEY in England and the RIFLE SHOPPE in Okie-land. I had one of the Miruko replicas. I wish I had it back. I’d restock it in Eropean walnut. Those lock spark like a champ

  3. I’ve made several bags similar to this. The smaller bags discourages the carrying of too much plunder. And this helps speed up loading. And weight is another factor especially on foot. I’ll make one like the one shown for grins

  4. The “Bess” is a favorite. I’ve had a short land (2nd Model) for years and an India Pattern (Third Model) from Rifle Shoppe Parts. Both shoot surprisingly well with shot, buck and ball (Not all together)

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