Duelist’s Den Pandemic Mask Give-Away

  • AUTHOR: mike
  • May 8, 2020
Duelist’s Den Pandemic Mask Give-Away

Here in my neck of the woods, we’ve been in full lock-down mode, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic for nearly two months. We’re required to wear facemasks whenever we leave the house.

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd, so, rather than wear a plain surgical mask, I made a mask with my Duelist’s Den crest proudly displayed front and center.

This mask has been a real attention getter, so I decided to make another one, and give it away to one of you!

So, one lucky viewer will become the proud recipient of a Duelist’s Den, Pandemic Mask.

This is a completely hand-stitched piece of custom-made PPE that will allow you to proudly proclaim your love of black powder shooting, while staying within the Corona-virus pandemic guidelines.

If they’re going to make you wear a mask anyway, why not wear one that shows your real interest.

Since this mask is hand-stitched, and lined with natural, undyed linen, it will pass muster with the pickiest stitch-counter.

This mask is suitable for living historians covering every period from the great plague of the Roman Empire in the Third Century AD, through Medieval Black Death re-enactors, right up to

early 20th century Spanish Influenza portrayers.

OK. Joking aside, this is a real give-away. There will only be one mask offered. The mask is totally handmade, by me.

I’m only making two masks. One for me, and one for the winner. So, if you win it, you will have something unique.

If you want, I’ll autograph the mask for you, just let me know.

Here’s how you get into the drawing for the Duelist’s Den Pandemic Mask:

Go to the comment’s section on this post, and leave a comment that says, “Mask-me”.  Also put your email address in the comment, so I can contact you to arrange shipping.

If you want me to autograph the mask, also say. “Please autograph” in the comments.

In a couple of weeks we’ll draw a name at random from the entries, and award a truly unique piece of gear.

Good Luck!


199 thoughts on “Duelist’s Den Pandemic Mask Give-Away”

    1. Mask me Mike. And of course autograph the thing ! Your the greatest Mike , like your videos, I own and shoot an 1860 army and a 1851 navy because of you and enjoy them ! Now it looks like you are going to make me want some swords !

  1. Mask me, please, Evil Roy is walking on my garden and i can’t get him to leave. Hopefully the mask would scare him.

  2. MASK me, Mike! I’ve been following you for a few years now, and enjoy all you put on YouTube. Please autograph if I win the draw!

  3. Mask-me and please autograph. It such a pleasure and informative to watch your channel. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Mask Me…and yes I would love to have it Autographed… Your videos actually got me in to black powder shooting

  5. Please Mike, mask me like Evil Roy..
    And if m’y mask could be autographed I’ll be the luckiest french guy

  6. Mask me

    and please, autograph.

    If ever I had the chance to be the lucky one to win, believe me i’d wear it proudly at the shop where I leve. Most Quebecers are anti-gun but I am far from it and I proudly wear my colors whenever I have the chance to do so.

  7. “Mask Me” – Although I am concerned if i wear it into the Post Office – used to be they’d shoot masked hombres showing up that way!

  8. Mask ME Mr. Beliveau. I have used your YouTube videos to Assemble and Finish A Pedersoli 50 Cal. Flintlock Pistol and am now in the process of building a matching 50 Cal Kentucky Rifle kit also from Pedersoli. I have also used your YouTube videos to learn to load the Uberti 1860 Army Colt my kids gave me for Christmas. Your videos are a godsend to anyone trying to get started in Black Powder

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