Magazine page on .45 Colt reloading

Reload Black Powder .45 Colt Cartridges

The pictures above are my column on reloading the .45 Colt cartridge with black powder ...
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Bill Jordan Book

The Evolution of Modern Combat Handgun Doctrine

Most of the guys in my gun club are younger than I am, and they are amazingly un-aware of the ...
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My camp at Springbrook

With a little help from my friends

So far 2020 has been a difficult year. Thanks to a global Pandemic, we, here in the USA, have gone ...
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American Frontiersman Powder Horn Article

Powder Horn Give-away

I'll be giving away the powder horn that I made for this "American Frontiersman" magazine article. If you want a ...
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An introductory picture for the Maldon Viking Sword Video

(no title)

I've decided to try my hand at some sword review videos. I love all of history, and, in addition to ...
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Front view of the Duelist's Den Pandemic mask

Pandemic Mask Winner Announced!!

We have a winner in the Duelist’s Den Pandemic Mask contest! Over 200 people entered, which was very gratifying. Out ...
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Mike wearing his pandemic mask

Duelist’s Den Pandemic Mask Give-Away

Here in my neck of the woods, we’ve been in full lock-down mode, because of the Coronavirus Pandemic for nearly ...
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100 yard vs 200 yard sight picture

Long Range Flintlock Shooting – Companion Video

Flintlock rifles are capable of excellent long range accuracy, But, achieving long range hits with a flintlock is more challenging ...
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Picture of the published magazine article

Long Range Flintlock Shooting

I got interested in long-range flintlock shooting in a roundabout way. Nearly 20 years ago, while I was researching an ...
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Cavalry or twist draw with long barreled cap & ball revolver

The Cavalry or Twist Draw

The Cavalry/Twist Draw In the early days of revolvers, when many of the practitioners of handgun shooting were cavalry troopers, ...
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